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SlingPlayer Mobile reviewed

Ryan Block, @ryan

Anyone who's fiddled around with EV-DO (or UMTS, depending) and streaming video knows what a jaw-dropping experience it can be for the first time -- but unless you're using Orb, the reality of the walled garden quickly sets in and your super fast data connection is quickly again relegated to email n' web. The Gate gave Sling's new  SlingPlayer Mobile a spin on their PPC-6700 -- which seems to be the ideal candidate as Sprint's EV-DO is lesser clogged than Verizon's -- and let it run for about 3 hours of uninterrupted, high (enough) quality streaming video. No big bugs, no big problems -- not that we'd expect much else from the generally seamless Sling. Sure, soon you're going to have to pay $30 for the privilege, but it's nice to know that your mobile TV offerings just got a little more varied, if not easier.

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