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Kinkless Getting Things Done 0.83 released

David Chartier

For those who aren't familiar with this "Getting Things Done" term that's being tossed around the 'net more and more often these days: it's a methodology (not necessarily a piece of software) developed by David Allen for better managing your projects, tasks, time and life. Kinkless GTD (Getting Things Done) is a combination of plugins by Ethan Schoonover for both Quicksilver and OmniOutliner Pro that adapts this methodology for the digital lifestyle, allowing you to easily add projects and tasks to a customized OmniOutliner Pro document, as well as syncing them with iCal - reminders and all.

To help you wrap your head around this fantastic new way of organizing yourself, as well as these equally impressive tools, Ethan has produced a 10 minute screencast that should help you hit the ground running. Yes, it's 10 minutes out of your non-stop, lightning-fast lifestyle, but trust me: this could quite possibly be the best 10 minutes you've ever spent learning how to organize the other 1430 minutes of your day.

It's hard to just jump into this system and figure out what's going on, but in case you're already ahead of the rest of the class, you'll need the latest kGTD release, as well as the latest beta of OmniOutliner Pro and the optional but spectacular Quicksilver.

[via Hawk Wings]

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