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Royal EZVue Vista LCD-sportin' flash drives now available

Evan Blass

When transferring data from your computer to a traditional USB drive, sure the computer says that your files made it over safely, but how do you really know that your precious 1's and 0's are there when you disconnect the drive (you know, the whole tree falling in the woods thing)? Luckily for you, those Royal EZVue Vista flash drives that display their contents on a 2-line LCD are finally available, so you'll suffer through no more agonizing commutes worrying that your important project is mysteriously leaking from your drive. You may have forgotten some of the details about these, since they were originally announced during the gadget frenzy of CES, like the fact that they range in capacity from 256MB ($50) to 1GB ($100) and incorporate Usov Labs' Allway Sync Pro software for transfer duty. Also available immediately, and perhaps most useful of the bunch, is that SD card reader/writer that helps you sort through your growing collection of little plastic chips, and retails for a reasonable $30.

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