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Super Mario DS Lite bundle pack spotted


According to potentially delusional listings on the EB Games and Gamestop websites, the DS Lite is set to barge into American homes with a startled Mario and Co. in tow. The online retailer seems to think that New Super Mario Bros. (at least we assume it's the New variant) will be forming part of a bundle deal with Nintendo's infinitely desirable DS redesign. Since we predicted this very event last week, we're naturally predisposed to put our worn stamp of approval on this bit of news.

However, we find ourselves perturbed by some of the details on the pages that seem...less plausible. As wonderful as it would be to have this DS Lite bundle launch on the first day of May (about two weeks before the included game is meant to come out) for a mere $9.99, something tells us that this won't come to pass. Placeholder data? Maybe. Desirable product? Definitely.

[Thanks yoshi!]

[Update: Some of our sharp readers have figured out these listings and pointed out out that the item in question is actually a Lite variant of a popular accessory pack. Still, our question about whether or not a DS Lite Mario bundle is something you'd want remains. Keep those comments coming!]

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