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Universal will not use ICT; only two studios left

Ben Drawbaugh

BusinessWEEK is reporting that Universal has decided not to take advantage of the image constraint token. While some are still skeptical of the studios and their long term goals, all but Warner and Lions Gate have announced that they will not down-rez analog outputs.  This is great news for those of us who either have no choice but to use analog inputs or those of us who choose to use them.

The bad news is that it appears Warner is going to down-rez according to the article; "Execs at Warner Brothers declined to comment, but sources with knowledge of the studio's plans say "at least some" of the 20 HD-DVD releases planned through April will use the software." I knew at least one studio would do it, but I wish it wasn't them, I will have a hard time boycotting "The Matrix" because I don't plan to buy any movies that down-rez. We will see how long that lasts. Now we just wait and see what Lions Gate does, but I have a bad feeling that no news is bad news.

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