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Announcing PS3 Fanboy... en garde!

Sure, we're supposed to love the Xbox 360, with its sexy inhale design, smooth white plastic, curvy wireless controller... droooool...

Where was I? Oh yeah, introducing the newest member of Joystiq's dysfunctional Fanboy family: PS3 Fanboy! Since I have a flair for hyperbole, I'll extend the family metaphor far past its usefulness by comparing the PS3 to a younger sibling.

Sure, the Xbox 360 console has been around for near six months already, but lets not jump to criticize our younger brother, the PS3. After all, it's young and still not sure how to behave. But we understand, it's hard to define yourself and make your own path with a cool older sibling around so they: act out (boomerang controller); dress funny (George Foreman grill); and even crib our style (Network Platform), but it's cool. Why? 'Cause they're family.

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