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Big recall on Philips plasmas

Matt Burns

You know those fancy lights inside of some Phillips plasma? The ones that cause the overall color that is displayed on the screen to also be displayed on the wall behind the TV; officially it is called Ambilight. Well, they can know add another color setting called electric discharge. *clearing throat*

Anyways, We warned you about this a few weeks back so hopefully this did not happen to any of our readers but it has been made official now.  Philips is recalling over 12,000 sets because of a faulty capacitor inside of the Ambilight that causes arching which results in an electrical fire inside the TVs. Thankfully in the nine reported cases, no one got hurt nor was there anything damaged (besides the TV) thanks to fire retardant (thanks sam) material.

All joking aside, this is a serious thing so check out this link that will tell you if your, or family members, set is part of the recall. These 12,000 sets are all in the US and Philips is going to make house calls to each and everyone of them to fix the issue.

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