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Designer cases to prettify PSPs


Let’s face it: the PSP looks a little geeky. Yes, we agree it’s sleek and sexy and shiny and Paris Hilton undoubtedly got one in her grab bag at last year’s Sundance so it must be hip, but until portable media players really hit mainstream, our nifty little young’un must endure ridicule from people who still have no idea how to program their VCRs.

Enter three new designer PSP cases courtesy of PS Pictogram. Designed by three different design houses (Kuntzel Deygas of Paris, Surface to Air from New York, and Hideki Inaba from Tokyo), the swanky sheaths (which would look cooler if they didn't cost $116 each) will most certainly turn your talented little social reject into the talk of the town. If the town was populated by shallow, self-absorbed rich girls, that is.

[Via GameSpot]

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