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Kiosk Hunting: London calling


One of our UK-based readers sent us one of the first bits of information to help in our ceaseless quest to locate all the DS download kiosks in the world ever.

"I found a DS demo kiosk in HMV on Oxford Street in London.  It was demoing Mario Kart DS and had a crappy times new roman a4 print-out that gave instructions on how to download demos from the kiosk.  I followed em and sod all happened.

I went back 2 days later, and they changed the kiosk to an Animal Crossing demo with a new shiny sign that said you can download demos.  I tried again and it worked.  All they had was Polarium, so I grabbed that and finished the demo on the train ride home...

And our progress on the American front? Not so good. Nintendo seems to have hit a delay in rolling out their kiosks, with the Nintendo Store in New York being the only US location thus far to be bathed in Wi-Fi goodness. Nintendo's own Download Station page promises that the units will start showing up in early April, however, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled and your DS powered on.

If you spot one, let us know what your experience with it was like! Tell us what games you tried! Send us a picture! Or update this Frappr map that one of our swell readers created! And make obnoxious use of exclamation marks!

[Thanks Butch, Sean and D. Short!]

[Update: Thanks for the submissions so far! Just make sure you give us enough details on the location--states are rather large, after all.]

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