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Korean Rain falls on the PSP


All things considered, there’s a marked dearth of pretty boy singers on the PSP, which is why we all should really drop what we’re doing and take note of the arrival of Korean pop sensation Rain on Japanese PSPs from Bandai Namco.

The upcoming PSP game is predictably light on details (after all, elements like game play, depth, and quality of graphics aren’t really that important in the grand scope of video games), but what is somewhat revealed is that players will be allowed to shop, listen to music, watch videos, play a quiz, and read their “Dairy Horoscope”; and this all with the impressively coiffed Rain at their side.

The game is slated to arrive in two versions: a standard package at about 50 USD and a limited edition pack at around $85. Considering how abundantly confident we are that Rain will make a similar splash here in the US, it’s probably prudent to advise that you import your copy of the game early so you can show your friends how truly trendy you are.

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