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Experimental Gameplay Competition: internship up for grabs

Jennie Lees

Enticed by the challenge of designing and creating a game in two weeks? The Experimental Gameplay Competition asks you to do just that, but there's more than just your sleepless nights at stake. The competition will announce a theme on April 1st, and the top five games built on that theme will get an interview with THQ's Heavy Iron Studios, with an internship going to one lucky coder.

It sounds like a hyped-up way to select an intern, but this company clearly knows that many gamers thrive on competition, and it is a good opportunity for people interested in getting a foot on the ladder in the games industry.

If you don't have two weeks to spare right now, or you don't like the idea of working at Heavy Iron, don't fret--designing a game from start to finish is a great step on the road to working in game development, even if it's not under the banner of a competition with a fancy name.

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