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FlexiSPY busted! Now classified as a trojan

Marc Perton

If you were hoping to use FlexiSPY to, you know, spy on someone, you'd better hope the subject of your little investigation doesn't know how to hunt down trojan horses. While FlexiSPY is designed to install itself invisibly, it's now been officially categorized as a trojan (which, face it, it really is) and has been added to F-Secure's virus database. A user scanning their phone with F-Secure's tools will get a warning that their calls and messages are being monitored. The good news (for the spy, that is) is that F-Secure doesn't delete the program -- or let the phone's user know who's doing the spying. So, relax. You're not really busted. Now take this as an opportunity to patch up that relationship and stop spying, m'kay?

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