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Movies on UMD to receive final curtain call?


It was revealed early today that movies on Universal Media Discs--the oft-referred to bane of the PSPs existence--would probably not last much longer on the open market. While popular at its debut last year, subsequently weak UMD sales since then have forced many movie studios to cut back if not eliminate the availability of their films on the format.

While it's still strictly hearsay at the moment, Reuters reports that one of the country's biggest retailers, Wal-Mart, often considered the ultimate big honking pinnacle of retail sales, might wipe UMD movies off their shelves altogether.

Sony's previous announcement of a first-party PSP-to-TV adapter may have initially signaled a move towards increasing the adaptability of movie UMDs, however everything up to this point regarding the success or failure of the format have been little more than wild speculation and fanboy/fangirl chatter. There's no telling if Sony's late attention to the playability of UMDs on living room sets will help boost the popularity of UMDs, but until we find out we're keeping our eyes open for any crazy sales. $3 a disc, perhaps? Hey, we can dream.

[Via PSP Home. Thanks, Luke]

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