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New PH-DVD technology triples the space of blue and red laser DVD's?


Just when you thought there weren't enough disc formats (HD-DVD, Blu-ray, VMD, EVD, HVD, and you might have missed VCDHD yesterday), here comes one more, PH-DVD. Apparently, by "exploiting the polarization element contained in all current DVD formats", Dr. Oron Zachar, founder of Polarizonics Corp believes he can triple the capacity of DVDs, HD-DVDs and Blu-ray discs, without changing the disc structure, replacing mass reproduction equipment and providing a new layer of protection against piracy.

We have no idea what any of that means, but apparently it adds up to disc capacities of over 100GB, which we do understand because it adds up to a-whole-freaking-lot of high definition content. Of course the real question is whether this technology exists, is feasible and will ever be relevant to HDTV owning consumers, but it seems way too early to tell.  Information on Mr Zachar and Polarizonics Corp is pretty limited, although he apparently is or was a professor at UCLA and they are hiring. Still, this sounds a lot like polaronics (yes, that is a /. article from 1999 and no, no such product exists).

Any HD Beat tipsters willing to take a job as an optical engineer and get us the inside information?

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