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Samsung's 2GB SBH-300 Bluetooth MP3 player


Samsung officially announced their 2GB SBH-300 Bluetooth MP3 player. Now, hang with us here 'cause this is not your usual player. As you'd expect, it features the A2DP stereo Bluetooth profile, but ships with what appear to be wired headphones with an inline remote. Out of the box, however, you can pair the SBH-300 with your Bluetooth enabled cellphone allowing the SBH-300 to pull double-duty as a bulky wireless headset. The SBH-300 features a 262k color OLED LCD, FM Tuner, voice recorder, photo viewer, and MicroSD expansion if that 2GB ain't enough. If this is your idea of a good time, then you'll need about $236 to bring it home when it goes up for pre-order starting next month.

[Via SamsungHQ]

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