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Does Charter do DVI?


HD Beat reader Chris wrote us about a problem he is having trying to connect his cable box via DVI, and found that it was not enabled.

"Just thought i would send a little experience your way tonight. I just spent half an hour on the phone with charter cable. I have all my services through them and through the 8 months we have had service with them, they have been great. Until today. I just ordered a DVI cable and received it. My wife and I get home to hook it up, snuggle and bask in the DVI HD glory in our home. But wait, it isn't working. What??!?!? that isn't right it wouldn't work.

I contacted charter for a little assistance and they tell me that the DVI option is locked out on all the boxes because no one uses them. How the hell do they know that? They don't give anyone a chance to try it out! I spoke with several folks about this because i was ticked. I love HD. with the component cable hooked up, but I was just plain excited with the idea of hooking it up with DVI and now Charter has shot it down.

Charter claims they have to pay a third party to unlock that feature on the box. what a crock! After searching the web, it turns out other folks have run into this also!

Chris is in the St. Louis area and has a Motorola BMC9012 Moxi DVR. This review of the box noted that several featues (including DVI) are disabled, but an update provided that capability if your provider chooses to enable it. This thread on AVS Forums provides some more insight, hopefully the update will be rolled out soon. Any other HD Beat readers run into a similar situation with their cable provider or know of a way to get that perfectly good digital output working?

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