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LG sues Samsung for slander

Ryan Block, @ryan

There's nothing we like more than a heavyweight grudge-match between two old, bitter rivals like Samsung and LG. While we might prefer Kun - Hee Lee (left) and S.S. Kim (right) throwing down street style, we still stood up and took note of LG's suit against Sammy over false and defamatory claims that their DVR TV required a cooling fan for its hard drive (when it apparently did not) and that it had a measly 20,000 lifespan when LG claims it would operate for at "at least 50,000 hours." Yeah, it's at best pretty unprofessional to even publicly discuss your competition like that -- especially when buyers are making choices for the World Cup -- but we'll let the judge sort it out while we lean back in our courtroom box seat just in case these two Korean heavyweight champions decide to settle this in the squared circle.

[Via The Reg]

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