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Obopay adds a debit card to the standard mobile transaction service

Evan Blass

You'll soon have yet another choice of services for making payments from your cellphone, with a new entrant called Obopay joining recently-launched PayPal Mobile and industry "veteran" TextPayMe in the fight to host your handset-based transactions. As with the other services, Obopay allows members to both send and receive money from bank accounts and credit cards (after passing through the company's servers for a fee of "just pennies," of course), but diverges from other offerings by sending you a MasterCard debit card for retail payments or ATM withdrawals directly from your account. The downloadable app required to access the service will be available on April 15th, and according to Obopay, may soon come pre-loaded on handsets from "major wireless carriers" who are currently conducting their own qualification programs.

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