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Obsidian's Urquhart: happy thoughts on KOTOR 3

Alan Rose

The Force is very strong with Feargus Urquhart and his band of merry RPG creators. Obsidian scored a debut hit a year and a half ago with their follow-up to the original Knights of the Old Republic. Now, CEO Urquhart has revealed to Total Video Games that discussions have been taking place with LucasArts since August 2004 regarding the development of KOTOR 3.

"LucasArts is thinking what they want to do with it and we would happily make KOTOR3, if that's what LucasArts wants to do
." The PC is a given, but would the franchise continue to be an Xbox exclusive on the console side?

First things first. Let's enjoy Obsidian's work on Neverwinter Nights 2 before we break out the lightsabers again.

[via GameBanshee]

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