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Samsung Q1 UMPC available for pre-order for $1,400

Marc Perton

If you thought UMPCs -- which early rumors said could go for as little as $500 -- were going to be bargains, think again. The first model to get an official price, the TabletKiosk eo, is expected to sell for about $900. And, now we get word that Samsung's Q1 can be pre-ordered from eXpansys for a mere £799.95 (about $1,400). While it's not unusual for specialty resellers such as eXpansys to charge a markup over retail (and the price before VAT is somewhat cheaper -- £680, or about $1,180), the price makes the Q1 more expensive than many laptops, and not all that much cheaper than some full-featured tablet PCs. US pricing, once announced, will almost certainly be lower -- if not at retail, then on eBay, where these will end up if they're priced too high for the market to bear.

[Via Stuff]

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