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Breaking News: Blu-Ray now available for purchase - only $299

Matt Burns

In a move that has stunned Toshiba and excited HD lovers everywhere, Sony has just released their coveted Blu-Ray player. Best of all, they have undercut Toshiba's price by releasing their player at whopping $299! This is simply astounding! We all knew that Sony had the support of most of the movie studios, but no one excepted those studies to release so many titles. As I am writing this, studios keep sending lists and lists of their release titles over the news feeds. We will get you a complete list as soon as we can. This day simply could not get any better then I ran across what many of you called out for: Penthouse's Blu-Ray edition collection! It appears that they took all the "classic" stuff, combined with new material, and utilized all of Blu-Ray's capacity.

What could make today any better? Blu-Ray is here, it's cheap, and there are tons of titles (and porn). What a way to start the day!

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