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The first 1080p LED powered DLP? [Update]

Ben Drawbaugh

We are all familiar with DLP and the Lamp, so naturally we are excited about what LEDs can do for DLPs. We've all read about Samsung's new LED powered DLP at CES this year, but that is the last we have heard about it. According to Samsung it's to be released in April, I don 't know about you, but I have yet to see one.

Today I was a the Electronic House Expo in Orlando and what do you know I run into a LED powered DLP TV, but Samsung wasn't at the show. A company called NuVision was showing what they claim will be the first LED powered DLP to market (90 days). Eric who also happens to be a big Engadget fan, filled me in on some the details and promises to pass the rest of the details on when he gets all the hard facts. The new display will be a 52" 1080p DLP without wobulation. I will follow up with the rest of the specs as soon as I receive them.

Ohh yeah, the TV looked great too!

Added a link to the press release and discovered a MSRP of ~$4500 with a target ship date of July 31st 2006.

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