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Convert WMA files into something useful

David Chartier

I thought we'd posted on this before, but I couldn't find anything so here you go: EasyWMA is a simple little tool that can convert WMA files into m4a, mp3 and wav audio files. It supports DnD (drag and drop), even with entire folders of songs to convert. Other features include:

  • Input formats : wma, asf, wmv, wav
  • Manual or automatic bit rate selection from source (32-320kbps)
  • Batch processing
  • ID3 tags support
One catch I've found so far: I'm not sure if EasyWMA can handle the latest WMA 10 format, and it doesn't state anywhere on the site. Either way, this looks like a handy little app for those who are trying to convert their WMA files into a format that's actually useful. It sells for $10 and, as of its last update, is a Universal Binary.

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