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Tomb Raider Legend coming to Nintendo systems

Blake Snow

IGN is reporting that Tomb Raider Legend, currently slated for release on PC, Xbox, 360, and PS2, will make its way to Nintendo's current-gen home console, the GameCube. In addition, Planet GameCube is reporting that ports of the adventure game will also be made for Nintendo's GBA and DS handheld systems. IGN writes: "Asked what sparked the company's decision to bring Tomb Raider to [Nintendo platforms], Eidos North America's CEO and president, Bill Gardner, joked, 'Lara likes Reggie? No, seriously, our new management team believes that the Nintendo platforms have been neglected and that the platforms provide a great opportunity for Tomb Raider to gain exposure to a new audience.'"

The game is set for release later this year on Big N's systems, although the title "won't be playable at E3." We know what you're thinking. Continued April Fool's trickery, right? Maybe. But both sites confirmed this news on March 31 and seem to be legitimate and consistent with one another.

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