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You know your tech lust is bad when...

David Chartier

...all monetary amounts translate into Apple/computer/gadget purchases. Let me explain.

A friend of mine told me he lost his wallet containing $300 on the bus the other day (he since recovered the wallet, cash and all). I then told a fellow Mac using friend about this unfortunate event, and the first thing he says is "Yikes! That's almost a mini!" (To be fair, this friend is in the market for a Mac mini.) This dialog got me wondering: how bad can tech lust get?

I'm not talking about the Apple fanboys who can't resist the urge to bash Windows and blindly proclaim Apple's infallibility and perfect security track record (even though neither exist) on every blog post and forum thread they invade. I'm asking: what lengths or depths have you or a family member/friend gone to for that *one* gadget, or for the Mac you're reading this on now? Feel free to share your stories of obsession and desperation involving Macs and gadgets - we won't hold them against you (much).

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