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PlayStation Pilferable


Hot on the heels of last year’s observed rise of iPod theft in the UK, it seems apparent that the next gadget of choice for mugging could be the PSP. A 12-year old boy was badly injured last Friday when two teenagers grabbed his PSP right as he was leaving school. The robbery happened in Downage, a borough of Barnet in London. The boy was hospitalized following the incident and was treated for a concussion, a hand injury, and various cuts and bruises. Local authorities called the violence used in the attack “unnecessary and gratuitous”.

Unfortunately, there aren’t that many hard and fast rules when it comes to taking your expensive portables out in public areas. Just try to keep in mind that what you’re lugging around isn’t cheap, and chances are if you lose your PSP your mommy and daddy aren’t going to buy you a new one. That is, unless you’re spoiled rotten, in which case you can also tack on that burgeoning feeling that you’re willingly setting yourself up for disappointment when you finally rejoin the real world.

[Via Hacking the PSP]

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