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The Battle for Chief Moron Continues

Damien Barrett

President of the Moron Society, Rob Enderle, has had his latest blather incomprehensible ramblings column published by TechNewsWorld, in which he postulates a future where Microsoft has purchased Apple, and the reasons for why it might happen. I could spend an hour debunking his entire column (for instance, he thinks the $150 million that Microsoft invested in Apple in 1997 was enough money to save the company from bankruptcy), but it's much more fun to read the comments here. Don't worry, there's plenty for everyone--this is a column rife with silliness and poor analysis. For awhile, I was convinced that Dvorak had cinched the prize for Chief Moron, but with this column, Mr Enderle has charged back into contention. I can't wait to see what Dvorak comes up with for his next column.

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