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Uwe Boll scores Starcraft trilogy rights

Vladimir Cole

From the "news so icky it makes you itch" department, Mike Mullen of AOL Games wrote to let us know that we'd somehow missed his scoop on Uwe Boll's announcement that he'd managed to score rights to direct (and ruin, probably) a trilogy of movies based on Blizzard's hit Starcraft series of real-time strategy games.

No actors or actresses have been confirmed, according to AOL, though Boll does have a short list in mind. We're still having trouble believing that Blizzard would ever lend the Starcraft name to a guy known (and reviled) across all of gamedom, but then again, Blizzard parent company Vivendi is known to have quite an appetite for game-to-movie and movie-to-game adaptations. Bloody hell.

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