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What did Sony do to the 34-inch XBR?!?!

Matt Burns

The Sony XBR brand has always been some of the best products in their respected TV types. The 34-inch version hit its pinnacle with the KD34XBR960. This 220 lb. monster may not have a big screen or look that cool, but it had arguably the best high-def picture you could buy. The TV had everything too: 3 firewire inputs, memory stick; HDMI; ATSC/NTSC/QAM tuners, DRC, cable card, and the best tube Sony has ever made: the Super Fine Pitch Trinitron.

Check out the newest XBR though. (KD34XBR970) Looks the same, but that can be deceiving. This TV is branded as an XBR but is nothing more then lasts years non-XBR (KV34HS420) with an ATSC tuner in it! Talk about disappointing. This new "XBR" does not have firewire, no cable card, no memory stick input, one less RCA input, but this biggest let down is the lack of the Super Fine Pitch Trinitron. This once great TV has been reduced to just another widescreen HDTV.

So if you are looking for a great 34-inch tube TV, the new XBR is not it. Find the old one.

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