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Shaun of the Dead goes mobile

Ross Miller

European publisher Ojom GmbH announced yesterday the release of a Shaun of the Dead for mobile phones. The mechanics of the game are simple: it is a first-person shooter where you play Shaun as you try to protect your friends inside the Winchester. In trying to retain the humor of the "rom zom com" (romantic zombie comedy) film, the player's arsenal consists of Shaun staples such as a shotgun, cricket bat, and vinyl LPs (pictured). The game is designed as a casual game one can play one-handed.

Last August, we mused about a Shaun of the Dead game where one would have to get their rag-tag gang to the Winchester while keeping as many people alive as possible, where anything could be picked up and used as a weapon -- how would you envision a Shaun of the Dead video game?

[via GameSetWatch]

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