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Disney to (finally) launch Disney Mobile MVNO

Marc Perton

We're not sure how many people wished upon a star for this one, but Disney is finally taking the wraps off of the company's long-planned second MVNO (after Mobile ESPN), some two years after first announcing it. As expected, the service will target parents and teens, and will provide controls to allow parents to limit their kids' phone usage. (Which means, of course, that the service will bomb with teens -- who don't exactly dig Disney to begin with -- and will end up being the service of choice for grade-schoolers who want a Pooh or Stitch-emblazoned phone and can live with the parental controls.) The service, due to launch in June, will include web-based tools for parents, along with GPS tracking technology, to allow them to keep an eye on the young 'uns. The initial phones will be LG models, with service provided by Sprint. Pricing has yet to be announced, though Disney said it wold be "competitive" with other family plans offered by leading service providers.

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