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Kill Joystiq, win swag [Update 4]

Ross Miller

In a comment from yesterday, attorney Jack Thompson left us a rather nasty proposition:

Hey, how about a video game depicting the killing of the people who run Joystiq?  Bet they'd be real interested in doing something about a certain game then.  Maybe then they'd feel how cops and women feel about GTA.  Oh, but that would require some actual thought, and I forgot:  You're all gamers!

So, how about one of our Joystiq readers actually design such a game? We are not asking for anything on the scope of Oblivion or even Shaun of the Dead, but a fleshed-out written proposal or little flash game will do the trick. We'll keep this contest running for at least a few weeks and the winner (as chosen by the Joystiq staff) will win some nice swag, worthy of an exhaustive game design.

Alright readers, you have your objective, so get to it!

Update: Follow this link for some pictures of the Joystiq staff, and we'll try to get some staffers to submit better pics that you can use.

1. Okay, here's me without the beard (Rosco).
2. We are not sure what he's doing with his hands (Conrad).
3. Drunk, obnoxious, and a lover of wildlife! (Chris)
4. Vlad decided to submit 10 photos -- some good, some bad some ugly. Here's a few. (Vlad 1, Vlad 2, Vlad 3)

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