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Rig of the Day: Vintage collection


Flickr user brrm (I really like that user name for some reason) shows off his great collection of vintage Apple hardware. Check out the great Lisa II (in very nice condition), his collection of Powerbooks (180, 180c, 520c, 190, 100, 2400/180c, Pismo and 15" G4) doing the wave, Newton 2000 (with original iPod) and various compact Macs. Also noteworthy is his NeXT cube. No, it's not Apple hardware but it does have a place in Apple history. Plus, it's autographed by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, who used a NeXT cube to write the very first web server and browser. Cool.

Untitled  by brrm.

For the month of April, the theme for our Rig of the Day will be "Vintage Macs" in honor of Apple's anniversary. If you'd like to see your own rig featured here, simply upload photos into our group Flickr pool. Let's see your vintage Macs (Apples and Newtons, too)! We'll select an image every day to highlight.

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