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Saki mobile, the poor man's MVNO


So you want to start an MVNO, but you're not quite ready to buy up a few million minutes and pay for a few branded phones. We understand, and so does Saki mobile, which is offering a set of core MVNO-ish services such as IM, an RSS reader, social networking, and push email that can be purchased on its own, or branded to your company's every whim. They can even develop specific services for your company, such as the movie times and reviews that the Saki-powered Cinemark Wireless offers. Saki isn't really an MVNO at all, since they merely provide Windows Mobile software, and allow you to pick whichever carrier you want, though they do seem to have some dealings with T-Mobile. That means you'll be dealing with everyday carrier woes, stuff that MVNOs like Helio hope to alleviate, but it also means you won't be paying an MVNO markup on your minutes, just the $10 a month fee for the Saki service. If this all sounds good to you, they're currently offering a T-Mobile MDA for $99 with service, after a couple of hefty rebates.

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