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Silent Hill director is a gamer, fo' real


Christophe Gans, the director of the upcoming movie adaptation of Silent Hill, actually played the game — before he got the job. What's more, he loved the game enough to strike a deal with a friend to film Gans pitching his ideas about the movie and later, insert Japanese subtitles. Gans then had the 37-minute tape shipped to Konami headquarters in Japan. Konami ended up screening the tape for the entire staff.

Luckily, Brotherhood of the Wolf (Gans' previous film) was just making the rounds in Japan at the time, and Silent Hill's creator, Akira Yamaoka, realized that Gans would be capable of handling the game's movie adaptation (i.e. he wasn't just a delirious fanboy). Needless to say, Gans got the job. "If tomorrow I wanted something else, I would do exactly the same thing,” says Gans.

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