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Turn an Intel Mac Mini into a Windows Media Center - Offically

Matt Burns

In case you have been under a rock for most of the morning and missed the biggest news of the year, you can now install Windows XP on an Intel Mac with a little program directly from Steve Jobs. (maybe not directly...) Boot Camp allows a user to install Windows XP on any of the new Intel Macs, making this a nice, if not temporary, option for those looking for a media center program for their Mini. We would still like to see an OS X media center but the Windows one is nice too.

Here comes the classic question of "How does this make you feel?"

Side note: Windows will not support some of Apples own products, including the new Apple Remote...lets see how long that lasts.

UPDATE: Shahn - I didn't even see that. I read over everything 3-4 times but my excitment just over took me. It turns out Media Center is not supported yet...

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