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iSync 2.2


Reader Johnny W. sent this in yesterday, but it took me a while to verify: iSync 2.2 is rolled into the 10.4.6 update, and it's quite nice.

A while back I had my Motorola V60 working with iSync. See, last year when I got my "new" phone, I bought a $60 cable on ebay for $20 (along with a car and wall charger). This bundle included Moto's phone tools, so I could sync with my PC. About 8 reboots later, it worked! I somehow managed to get it to work with iSync, even if iSync really didn't know what phone it was... but only a few months later, an update killed the connection. The V60 was never listed on the compatible phones chart, and I figured, given the life of phones, it was all over. Yet Apple's official list of iSync-compatible devices has really expanded with 2.2. And there's my lowly V60, along with the PEBL. One big downside appears to be Palm support. Anything with the PalmOne brand is still fine. Anything older now needs the Mark/Space app for Palm to sync. That's so lame I can't even talk about it. What am I supposed to do with my WristPDA now?

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