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NBA announces new dual-Skycam broadcast plans


For the first time, an NBA game will utilize two "SkyCams" during the April 11th meeting between the Seattle Supersonics and the San Antonio Spurs (lot of Ss there). Instead of using two center court cameras like most NBA games, they will use the suspended high definition skycams to give the impression of sitting about 10 rows up from the floor.

Two robotic high definition cameras above each backboard plus one at center court on the scorers table will give a unique "you are there" perspective for this game. For the audio, it will be in 5.1 surround, with the focus given to on court and arena sounds, much like the recent "silent game" in Orlando. Rick Kamla will host the game, checking in from various spots around the arena as well.

This is great, I really feel like the NBA "gets" high definition and are looking to build around it for better quality broadcasts. The only real complaint I've had so far is that the camera angles don't seem to take advantage of HD's aspect ratio and detail enough, and I hope that these changes will enhance the experience. All we need now is for ESPN, ABC and TNT to take the hint, shut up blabbering on-air personalities and give us just basketball, raw and uncut.

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