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PSOne emulator pics surface


As mysterious as Old Nessie herself, a handful of photos surfaced that appear to reveal the interface for Sony's previously announced PSOne game emulation system for the PSP. And like any old report on the Loch Ness monster, we're downright suspicious. PSPUpdates broke the news yesterday but are equally skeptical at the legitimacy of the images.

Here's a quote from the guy who spilled the beans: "My friend who is a designer at sony gave me these pics, he said that this is what the psone emulator for psp will look like. he said that the games will be downloaded by a program shown in the screenshots and will be played under 'game'. I think this is true because he showed them to me from his camera which doesn't show ANY edited images."

Um, yeah.

But okay, we do still admit that this is pretty convincing stuff. Leaks are nothing new, and it isn't unheard of for companies to resort to viral marketing to drum up hype around their product. However, we'll hold off on believing third-hand information until Sony gives the official heads-up.

[Thanks, dan and phil]

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