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Cellphones are dangerous/not dangerous, FDA edition


Remember that Swedish study which concluded that if you use a cellphone for 1 hour a day then you face a 240 percent increased risk of growing a big-azz cancerous tumor on the side of your head in oh, about ten years? Well the FDA is saying hold the, er, phone claiming the Swedish findings are "difficult to interpret" and contradict (and corroborate, for that matter) earlier studies, namely in Britain and The Netherlands. In the past the FDA and FCC have taken the position that there is no known cancer risk with the use of cellphones, and if there is, it is likely very small. Hmmm, sounds like they've got their own internal contradictions to sort out before cleaning the houses of others. Anyway, rest assured that this debate will be brought to a swift and rock-solid conclusion folks 'cause the FDA is planning to "convene a meeting in the near future" to evaluate all the evidence and identify gaps that warrant further research. Well, everything seems to be under control then -- we'll go back to watching TV.

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