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Mario pranksters won't be charged

Ross Miller

It seems some sanity still exists in this world. Charges will not be filed against the six girls who strewn Super Mario question mark blocks all around their tiny Ohio town on April Fool's day. According to Portage County Prosecutor Victor V. Vigluicci, "I do not believe that they had any bad or malicious intentions ... [the girls] were not thinking about the consequences of their actions in this day and age."

Although "this day and age" sounds a bit sensationalist, since a town of 12,000 is extremely likely not to be a target for any attack spearheaded by fascists nazis communists aliens terrorists, we are very pleased that the prosecutor (or one of his superiors/constituents) came to his senses and decided to let these girls off the hook.

[Thanks, DraXXXen]

[Update: fixed a typo -- and no, pirates are not a problem. Yar!]

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