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Mitsubishi HDTVs all over the place: 1080p, LCD, DLP oh my!


Mitsubishi has had a busy weekend, announcing a whole bunch of new sets. The best news is "Tru1080p" makes a big showing, meaning they accept 1080p inputs, no down-and-up conversion necessary.

  • 73" DLPs - Tru1080p, NetCommand IEEE1394 connectivity, CableCARD support, dual HDMI slots and multi-card readers are standard on the WD-73732 and WD-73831
  • 52", 57" & 65" DLPs - No model #s, but they feature 1080p input support plus a new 6-primary color system that they say adds color and brightness to the picture. All include dual HDMI inputs as well as DVI-I hookups
  • 52" & 62" 720p LCDs - WD-52531 and WD-62531 have 132-watt lamps, SmartShutter LCD technology for improved black levels plus two HDMI inputs and two component inputs
  • 37" & 46" 1080p LCDs - Tru1080p again for 1920x1080 input, 4D video noise reduction, Full Spectrum Color CCFL backlighting that covers 90 percent of the NTSC color gamut, an upgrade from the 72 percent of previous models
No price or ship dates on any of these, but if you're in the market for a new 1080p television, it might just be worth the (undetermined) wait.

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