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New FT "FemaleType" femme bot brings the sexy


Alright, we've seen plenty of these man and boy-man styled humanoids, when are the ladies going to get their proper send up as an anime-styled future bot? That's a good question, and Takahashi-san -- creator of the wonderful Chroino and Manoi bots -- has an answer with his new femme bot, the FT "FemaleType." Of course, being sexy isn't all about how you look standing still, so FT has the strut of a fashion model with the twist of her hips and feminine posture. We'll keep an eye out for video of this strut in action, but we do know that FT is built out of carbon fiber, stands 14-inches tall, weighs a mere 1.8 pounds, and should be in production in a bit more than a year. Rumors of romantic interest between Manoi and FemaleType could not be confirmed at this time, but apparently Chroino and FT have a "history."

[Via Robots Dreams]

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