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Dolphin Stadium 720p HDTV (worlds largest) unveiled


A while back we told you the Miami Dolphins were building the largest high definition television in the world,  They showed it off yesterday for the season ticket holders and now we have video. Even in this relatively low resolution video you can see the incredible clarity and detail present in the 720p LED screen. Although having high definition at the game may seem like overkill, we're sure many of you are buying Dolphins' tickets right now and with good reason.

There are actually two of the screens, as you'll notice in the video, both high definition but one is bigger at a stunning 1750 inches. Is Dolphin Stadium going to be the first one where fans buy tickets for a better view of the big screen? Allow stadium jealousy for every other NFL team to begin now.

[Via digg & IseWise thanks for the tip!]

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