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Spidey 3 on rails?


Supposedly, a blog over at IGN states that Spider-Man 3 on the Revolution will be "on rails" and the game will be entirely focused around the player utilizing Spidey's web with the remote. This blog cites a source over at AMN that was charged with interviewing Activision about said game, having sent an email to the blogger to spill the beans. While scrolling down to the comments below you'll see someone from AMN discreditting the information, the proposed concept is a very interesting one.

This is more than likely not true, but in thinking about it, I'm not sure if this would be such a bad thing. Given that the game would need multiple pathways available to the player to get from point A to point B in order for the title to retain some replay value, the focus on Spidey's web-slinging and placing him on rails could actually work for the title. If the game managed to include the free-roaming feel of Spider-Man 2 between missions, objectives, etc., to allow for those of us who love to go swinging around the city to get some type of fix, this idea wouldn't be so bad.

[Via Go Nintendo]

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