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Hotels are getting widescreens, but are they giving them high-def?

Matt Burns

Hotels amenities are getting HOT. It is not good enough anymore to simply put a whirlpool tub in a hotel room and call it high-end. These days you need WIFI, touch screen phones, and flat panel HDTVs. But the issue is, are they giving these HDTVs high-def?

We understand that hotels need to give their guests the best of the best these days, but a coupl of calls to high-end Detroit hotels, tells us that most of the hotels staff do not even know what high-def is. They were excited to tell us that they have flat screen TVs though in many of their suites, but the HDTV thingie just confused them more.

Note to Rick Hilton: The four of us would be more then happy to be your executive staff on everything high-def and flat screen.

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