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Xbox 360 Quick Charge Kit rocks and shocks [update 1]

Vladimir Cole

Here's the 30-second review on the just-released Xbox 360 Quick Charge Kit.

  • FAST: It charges batteries fast (two hours per battery)
  • SEXY: It's sleek, small, and well-designed. It can be placed in an out-of-the-way spot.
  • BETTER: The wired Play and Charge Kit that's been available since launch is inferior and annoying compared to the Quick Charge Kit because the play-and-charge cables muck up the clean look of the beautiful Xbox 360 controller with a mess of tangled, ugly cords. This kit solves one of our chief annoyances with the Xbox 360 wireless controllers.
  • EASY: Like any good charger, the LEDs indicate when the battery is charging. Each of the two LEDs (shown above) glows a steady red or green depending on the state of the battery that's charging. Batteries snick-snap into place easily and are simple to remove as well. The unit is smart enough to automatically power down after batteries have been topped off.
  • BOTTOM LINE: Free yourself from the tyranny and mess of cables and pick up a Quick Charge Kit.
  • VALUE: This is worth at least as much as two of the now-antiquated Play and Charge Kits. It's priced at $29.99 in the United States and is worth the cash, though we wish it had been bundled with the Xbox 360 from the get-go.
  • RELEASE DATE: Available in the US as of April 21, 2006, with worldwide launch in other countries "soon," according to Microsoft.
[Update 1: added price and release date information to last two bullets.]

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