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Griffin releases Proxi beta


Earlier today, Griffin technology released a public beta of Proxi, their latest piece of software for Mac OS X. By using "triggers" and "tasks," Proxi will let you automate complicated routines, much like Automator or QuicKeys. There are included triggers for many of Griffin's products, of course, like the PowerMate, AirClick and AirShark, but Proxi doesn't limit you to Griffin hardware; iTunes, iChat, Mail, Skype and more are all fodder for Proxi.

You can share "blueprints" (think "workflows") that you've created with other users. Check out the Proxi wiki for more information on that. I've only played around with the beta briefly, but it looks like fun. It's simple enough to allow non-programmers to create satisfying and useful routines.

The final version will be out in May, and will be free. No specific system requirements were given.

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