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HD-DVD advertising campaign kicks off: "So real you can feel it"


That is the new rallying cry of the HD-DVD camp; will it be enough to move customers into stores to by players before Blu-ray comes out, or enough to make consumers care about high definition DVDs at all? Toshiba and Warner Brothers certainly hope it is. To counter, the Blu-ray supporters were considering launchnig a market campaign around the concept that HD-DVD "came first", leaving HDTV owners unsatisfied. Expect the milder tagline "step into Blu" when their media juggernaut hits the ground.

They plan to start the advertising on channels that air high definition content but we haven't seen any yet, although I did catch a nice Mission Impossible trailer in HD during 24 last night. Drop us a line if/when you see the ads.

[Via Adjab]

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