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E3 2006 predictions

Blake Snow

With E3 being only 27 days away (yes, we're counting days now) speculation, rumors, and giddy gamers will run rampant. Lots of fresh news is expected as two out of three next-gen consoles will formally make their debut. Charles Husemann of Gaming Nexus writes: "I've decided to take a somewhat tongue in cheek look at what could be the biggest E3 in years.  Gaming press and gamers posing as press will finally get their hands on the PS3 and the Nintendo Revolution (or whatever Nintendo decides to call their system)."

Here are some of his most notable predictions:

  • Sony to have the PS3 playable
  • Nintendo will have one of the most popular booths
  • One company will intentionally flaunt the limits on booth babes
  • The two big trends will be in-game advertising and in-game physics
  • Halo 3 will be unveiled, release date will be "When does the PS3 launch again?"
What do you expect from this year's E3?

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